William (Bill) Lofall was born in Colorado in 1896. His family, which included his parents and eight siblings, came from Norway in search of a new life in America. They made their way to Fleming, Colorado where Bill was born. When Bill was 2 years old the family moved to the Pacific Northwest where they first lived in Rockford, WA (Spokane County). When Bill turned 12 the family moved to its current location on the east coast of the Hood Canal.

Martha (Mert) Lofall was one of five children born and raised in the Vinland area. Martha's father had homesteaded in Vinland sometime before 1880 along with his brothers. His brothers were businessmen that eventually started Poulsbo. Martha's father, Knute, was a farmer not a businessman, so he homesteaded on 80 acres just north of Pioneer Hill Road and east of Clear Creek Road.

Bill and Martha met at a dance at the original Breideblik Hall. The rest is history as they say. Bill and Martha were married in 1930. They had two sons: Glen and Dale, and nine grandchildren: Sylvia, James, Debra, Dean, Donald, Diane, Douglas, Darcy and Danese.



Johannes & Kristi Lovfald

Samson & Inger Meidell


Paul & Turi Paulson

Henry, Gilbert, Knut, Paul

Helge & Sophia Lovfald

Henning (Henry), Kristi (Tina), Johnannes (John), Helge Sophus (Sofus), Inger Johanna (Jennie), Anna (Ann), Sofie, Kristian (Chris), Alfred William (Bill)

Knut & Sigrid Paulson

Inga, Ole, Tilda, Martha (Mert), Paul 


William & Martha Lofall

Glen & Dale


Glen & Janice Lofall

Sylvia, James (Jim)

Dale & DiAna Lofall

Debra (Debby), Dean, Donald (Donny), Diane (Dukey), Douglas (Doug), Darcy, Danese (Nesi)


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